‘Baat Pakki’ ceremony go viral


Congratulations are in order for famous Pakistani TikTokers Rabeeca Khan and Hussain Tareen who had their Baat Pakki – a ceremony in which families come together to exchange gifts and wedding rings on behalf of the bride and groom.

The internet sensation made a stunning and beaming appearance in an ensemble. She also dropped vlog on his YouTube channel with the title RABEECA AND HUSSAIN BAAT PAKKI EVENT KI TAYYARI.

Rabeeca was in a relationship with Hussain Tareen and duo appeared together on a private TV game show. In her vlog, she flaunted her henna on her hands.

Pictures and videos of the two from ‘Baat Pakki’ are doing rounds online, in which Rebecca Hussain can be seen wearing white pashwas, while Hussain is twinning with Rebecca in a white kurta and trouser.

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