Ali shows off outfit styled by wife Ayesha


Ali Zafar, a celebrated musician and actor in the Lollywood industry, has cemented his position as one of the most prominent faces in the entertainment world. With a string of successful singles, albums, and films to his credit, the multi-talented artist has proven his mettle time and again.

Despite having a decade-long career, the 42-year-old singer continues to push his boundaries and explore new avenues to showcase his skills. His unwavering passion for music and acting has allowed him to establish a dedicated fan base that admires his versatility and creativity.Zafar’s contributions to the music industry have been immense, and his impact on the entertainment world is undeniable. His dedication and commitment to his craft have made him a role model for aspiring artists and a source of inspiration for his fans.

Recently, Zafar showed off his outfit for an award show performance. The Jhoom singer couldn’t help but gush over the styling done by his wife, Ayesha Fazli, who is known for her impeccable taste in fashion.He was spotted sporting a brick-red jacket that perfectly complemented his style. The jacket was paired with a black vest and a black net full-sleeved shirt, creating a unique and stylish look.

The brick red jacket was the centrepiece of the ensemble, with its bold colour and sharp tailoring making a statement. The black vest added a touch of elegance to the outfit, while the black net shirt added an edgy touch to the overall look.

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