Zardari sends legal notice to Imran Khan, seeks apology or damages


ISLAMABAD: Former President and PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari has sent legal notice to Chairman PTI Imran Khan, asking him to tender unconditional apology over his allegations within 14 days, or else face “appropriate legal proceedings, civil as well as criminal, before the competent Courts of law and forums of Pakistan as well as of England, including but not limited to Suit for Damages for Rs.10,000,000,000/- (Rupees ten billion Only).”

The notice was sent by prominent lawyer Farook H Naek, saying that “on 27.01.2023, you in your Video link address, which was broadcasted on almost all news channels all over the world including England and reported in all newspapers globally as well as in Pakistan including Karachi, made false, fabricated and scandalous remarks/statements as well as levelled baseless allegations of serious nature against our client. You in your Video link address stated that “Asif Zardari has paid his corruption money to a terrorist organisation being supported by powerful state agency facilitators to launch another attack on me.” Moreover you also included our client in four people who are allegedly plotting to assassinate you. Your aforesaid statements are being highly reported on print and social media and the Same are also being broadcasted globally including in England.”

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