Workshop entitled”LOG KYA KAHENGE”!?” held under the aegis of IAP in PU


The workshop entitled”LOG KYA KAHENGE”!?” was held in Lahore today under the aegis of Students of Institute of Applied Psychology BS-2 (Morning) at Institute of Applied Psychology in University of the Punjab Lahore.

The workshop covered different aspects behind the phenomenon, which included identity, career, appearance, characteristic reflection, identity activity and experience spectrum presented by Zarish Anjum, Subhan Shahzad, Rumesaa, and Fatima Khan.

The main Objective of the workshop was to build self- confidence, to raise awareness among youth and to guide them in doing self accountability and analysis at the words of people.

The workshop brought a new path for students to identify the Identity, their thoughts and working hard for higher self-esteem. Overall this workshop included different activities including another Energizer of Hot Seat and a skit activity named “Conflict Activity”.

The workshop ended with a great Conclusion and Mr. Rameez Ahmed Sheikh formally ended the workshop with empathetic words and reflection upon the speakers and the workshop. A round applause from students left its spark in the room.

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