US congressman raises concerns over ‘human rights violations’ in Pakistan


American Congressman Brad Sherman expressed serious concerns over the rising human rights violation in Pakistan.

He reminded Pakistan’s government about its obligation to take action against those who violate human rights.Brad Sherman, American Congressman of the Democratic Party and senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said that he would not hesitate from raising voice against human rights violations in Pakistan.In a video statement, the congressman said, “There is concern over the increasing incidents of violence in Pakistan.”

The video was shared by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Musarrat Cheema on Sunday.

Sherman further said that Pakistan should allow its citizens to express themselves and hold peaceful protests.The politician asserted that it is important for the United Stated of America to stand with human rights in Pakistan and around the world.He deemed Pakistan a significant partner and friend of the US, and clarified that Washington has no interest meddling in its internal affairs.

Commenting on the politics of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, the American politician said: “I have no interest in supporting Imran Khan or any political party, and have disagreements with him on many issues.”

The Democrat also mentioned speaking with the PTI chief in his tweet.

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