Turkey-Syria earthquake: Death toll crosses 45,000, PM calls emergency OIC meeting


ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday urged on Organisation of Islamic Council (OIC) to convene an emergency meeting to decide on a relief package for the earthquake-hit Turkiye where death toll has risen above 39,000.

On Feb 6, a powerful earthquake struck southern Turkiye and northern Syrian, killing thousands of people and flattening hundreds of buildings in the nighbouring countries. The overall death toll in both countries have topped 45,000. In Turkiye, the toll stands at 39,672, while neighbouring Syria has reported more than 5,800 deaths.

In an interview with Anadolu News Agency, the Pakistani premier also called on the international community to come forward and play its role for the rehabilitation of Turkish people.

He highlighted that the Turkish people raised nearly $6 billion through an aid campaign that was broadcast on Turkish TV channels, calling it a remarkable example of generosity and philanthropy.

Reaffirming Pakistan’s solidarity and full support for the quake victims of Turkiye, PM Shehbaz said he will meet with tent manufacturers and task them to produce winterised tents as quickly as possible so relief aid could be extended to the friendly country timely.

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