Tosha Khana Case- Imran Khan got angry


LAHORE – Former prime minister and PTI chief Imran Khan has dialed his tirade against ruling alliance members as Islamabad police reached his Lahore residence for his arrest in the Toshakhana case.

In a social media post, the defiant politician said, “What future can a country have when crooks are thrust as rulers upon it? Shehbaz Sharif was about to be convicted by NAB National Accountability Bureau for Rs8 billion money laundering and by FIA for another Rs16 billion corruption when he was rescued by General Bajwa who kept getting NAB cases trial postponed.”

Khan then accused the premier of picking heads of those institutions investigating his cases, FIA and NAB, which according to him is a desperate attempt to get clean chit in graft cases. “This is how a country becomes a banana republic,” Imran Khan said.

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