There is hefty RoI in Mining business


Mines and Minerals Department, in line with the vision of the Government has initiated a concrete master plan to shift from the traditional regulatory mode towards a more facilitative,ease of Business, investment attractive, sustainable,safe and mines workers welfare oriented mineral sector. To have a thoughtful and provoked plan,dil

igently deliberated Seminar is organized by the Department under the chairmanship of Minister for Mines and Minerals Mr.Latif Nazr via video link. Mr.AsadullahFaiz Secretary Mines and Minerals envisioned the Government directions and organized the Seminar assisted by Ms.Sara Ahmad Cheema,Additional Secretary,Ms.AatikaAmmarBukhari, Dy. Secretary and Senior Officers of the Department. Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Director General Mines and Minerals, Punjab Chief Organizer of the seminar explained that a concrete Master plan for sustainable development of mineral sector is deliberated on the initiatives including but not limited to the following:-• Rationalization of size of Blocks and Tenure of Limestone/Ordinary Stone Leases• Uniform Policy for Grant of All Mineral Concessions through Open Auction under PMC Rules-2002.• Revision of Ordinary Sand Blocks/Zones areas to larger sized areas within a District throughout a Punjab.• Revision of Rates of Sale Price of Sand and Surface Rent Issues.• Up-dating the PMC Rules-2002 or replacing with the proposed “ACT”.• Establishment of machinery pool to facilitate mining sector• Mines labour welfare in health, group insurance and up-gradation of school/hospitals• No more mining without scientific approach• Assurance of safe mining activities Detailed deliberations conducted amongst the stakeholders and arrived at unanimous communique on all the Public beneficiary initiatives to bring a progressive mining sector in accordance with the vision of the Government under the present dynamic leadership.

Updating the Punjab Mining Concession Rules 2002 and stream lining the policies thereunder would be the first step. The diligently provoked action plans would endeavour the new avenues of friendly mining business opportunities on more scientific lines and bring a sustainable development regime. Viable mineral bearing areas in shape of blocks and zones according to the nature of minerals would be granted as mineral concessions through a competitive and transparent bidding system.

Mining is an investment intensive business but with huge returns. Therefore, requires a planned and systematic development, adequate mines safety as well as workers welfare. To boost up the mineral sector development, setting up a machinery pool and expert human resource providing technological and consultative services is also part of the plan. Theeffective and efficient modes of facilitation in the far flung hilly areas will be ensured so that the mineral based industries are attracted resulting in creation of manifold increase in employment opportunities.

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