Sundas foundation arranges Christmas’s ceremony


President of Sundas Foundation Yaseen Khan arranged a Christmas ceremony in Pilac on Thursday. In which political Assistant on Human Rights Punjab Robinson Aziz Francis, Sohail Warraich, Khalid Abbas Dar, DG Sughra Sadaf expressed their views.On the occasion, Robinson Aziz Francis said that in the joy of Christmas, Christmas bazaars being established in all districts of Punjab from today, which will remain active until December 25. Addressing the event, well-known social activist Khalid Abbas Dar, while conveying Christmas greetings to the Christian community, said that the people associated with the Christian community in Sundus Foundation are performing their duties in the best way, infact serving the suffering humanity day and night. President of Sundas Foundation Yasin Khan announced a bonus salary for Christian employees of Sundas Foundation. He said that every Christmas cake cutting ceremony was organized in Sundus Foundation but this time it is being celebrated on a bigger level so that more and more Christian community can participate in the joy of Christmas.DG PILAC Sughra Sadaf said that life is short, so should be done in good deeds. We all should give encourage society to do something better to serve humanity. Khalid Abbas Dar the leading social worker, congratulated Christian community, said that people attached to the Christian community in the Sundas Foundation are serving humanity which is appreciable. The famous columnist Sohail Warraich also congratulated the Christian community, saying that Pakistan is a country where all religious festivals being celebrated with full freedom. He said that Muslims should present Christian community to Christmas cake to promote love and peace. Guests also distributed gifts among the Christian employees associated with Sundas Foundation. Fok Singer Tariq Tafu sang different song especially Lahore Lahore ai and children of Christian community presented different plays. At the end of the event all the guests cut a Christmas cake along with Christian community.

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