Special trains for Indian Sikh pilgrims to be run to ensure best arrangements for Sikh pilgrims on forthcoming event: Ramesh Singh Arora


Pradhan Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee / Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora along with ten members of the Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee addressed an important press conference in the committee room of the ETPB on Monday.

First, he strongly condemned the attack on Mir Ali check post and said that our morale cannot be weakened by such cowardly acts. Ramesh Singh Arora expressed his determination to provide better facilities to the Sikh pilgrims while giving a detailed briefing to the media representatives about Baisakhi Mela and Gurdwara issues in the month of April and said that three Gurdwaras will be made functional this year.

He said that Sikh marriage Act had been passed in 2018 and now it will be implemented soon after the approval of the provincial cabinet. Ramesh Singh said that the Pakistan Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee has been notified, the ten-member committee will be responsible for all its affairs while going to form the secretariat of the committee to manage the issues of Gurdwaras properly. Ramesh Singh emphasized that land grabbing of Gurdwaras would be ended and special trains for Indian Sikh pilgrims would be run to ensure best arrangements for Sikh pilgrims. Gurdwaras will provide accommodation for Sikh pilgrims.

Ramesh Singh said visas will be issued under the protocol agreed between Pakistan and India while the government of Pakistan has approved the schedule for holding Baisakhi Mela celebrations. The pilgrims will reach Pakistan via Wagah check post on April 13. Pilgrims will be provided free accommodation, food, medical facilities in Pakistan while foolproof security arrangements are being ensured.

He further said that Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has given orders for the best arrangements for pilgrims and it is hoped that the special train will make the pilgrimage of Sikh pilgrims to Gurdwaras easier. Ramesh Singh Arora said that the stay of Indian Sikh pilgrims in Lahore has been extended for two days.
Going to wave off five dollar fee in Kartarpur for pilgrims while A ten-member Sikh International Advisory Council is being formed and the recommendations of the Advisory Council will be implemented. In response to various questions, Ramesh Singh Arora said that the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee will establish a central office in Lahore while Sikh community feeling proud that for the first time a woman has become general secretary of the committee, but sub-offices of the committee should be established in the four provincial capitals. Ramesh Singh Arora assured elemination of land grabbing and steps will be taken to implement the Sikh Marriage Act from the Baisakhi festival. In response to a question, Ramesh Singh Arora said that he is making a five-year road map of his ministry. In order to promote religious tourism in the country, Ramesh Singh Arora said that for the first time, a positive message has been given to the world by including the Sikh community in the provincial cabinet, while all the federal, provincial and district institutions are on the same page.

Ramesh Singh added that the Nanakshahi calendar has been officially launched while it is our duty to serve the guests, and we will do our duty wholeheartedly.

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