Session of Kitchen Gardening held at Kinnaird Collage by Green Youth Movement


A session on Kitchen gardening was conducted by Ms. Shanila Bukhari, convener of the GYM club. Students who attended this session planted different vegetables, took care of them, and made a beautiful kitchen garden. The Kitchen garden included Tomatoes, Broccoli, Lettuce, Mint, and many other edible plants.
This session helped trainees learn how to grow plants in their own houses.

Ms. Shanila Bukhari, convener of the GYM club at Kinnaird College along with GYM Club members, Dr. Amber, Ms. Mizna, Ms. Amna, Ms. Sana, and Ms. Shumaila Majeed also took a tour of the beautiful kitchen garden designed by Ayesha Ahmad, Arish Imran, Noor Naeem, and Zahra Basit.

Due to the increased availability of genetically modified food and crops in the markets and the use of contaminated water to irrigate vegetable farms, it has become difficult to find fruits and vegetables free of chemicals and pesticides. Kitchen Gardening is a great initiative to solve this issue whereby vegetables may be grown in one’s own home or in another suitable location within the vicinity. Kitchen Gardening could also be turned into a small business and become a source of income.

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