Security Forces Operation, 142 Terrorist Killed


ISLAMABAD (21 Feb 2023): Security forces are carrying out operations to combat terrorism across the country, during which they have killed 142 terrorists and arrested many others. 

In the last three months, security forces have been actively working to eradicate rising terrorism in the country, conducting operations to arrest terrorists and their facilitators, and foiling possible terrorist three months alone, the security forces have managed to kill 142 terrorists and arrested 1,007 more during approximately 6,921 operations.according to reports, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) they have conducted 1,960 operations, 1,516 area domination operations, 301 intelligence-based operations, and 143 area-sanitization operations during which they have killed 98 terrorists and arrested 540 more.

On the other hand, out of 3,414 operations in Balochistan, they have carried out 2,980 area domination, 67 intelligence-based operations, and 367 area sanitization operations during which they killed 40 terrorists and arrested 112. 

In Sindh, they killed three terrorists and arrested 344 more through 752 intelligence-based operations while one terrorist has been killed in Punjab and eleven were arrested after 165 intelligence-based operations.

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