SAP in collaboration NCHR observes Human Rights Day


South Asia Partnership Pakistan in collaboration with National commission Human Rights organized a ceremony in connection with international Human rights day at the regional office of NCHR. Coordinator of SAP Mehrlar Gul welcomed all the distinguished guests while Deputy Director SAP Irfan Mufti delivered the welcome address. Member / Commissioner National Commission for Human Rights Nadeem Ashraf briefed about Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He said that the day remind us protection of human rights while this day makes us realize our role in ensuring the protection of the rights of those who live around us and all the people connected with us. He said that NCHR was making legislation of fundamental rights of every one with the provincil and federal governments. Recently, the religious minorities box was abolished for the posts of senatory workers. Former Parliamentary Human Rights Leader Mahender Pall Singh said that December 10 is the International Human Rights Day, but we all should spend every day with determination to protect human rights. All human beings are born free and equal in terms of rights. We should also remember our responsibilities regarding each other’s rights. Chief Executive Democratic Commission for Human Development Tanveer Jahan said that human rights are the first priority of any society and it is the responsibility of every citizen to be aware of their rights and whenever their basic human rights are violated, shold be ability to stand up for himself. Head of Department of Sociology, Lahore College for Women, Dr. Asma Seemi Malik, expressed her views and said that Pakistan cannot fully develop until all its citizens, regardless of race or color, get all the rights they deserve. which are mentioned in the chapter of fundamental rights in the Constitution of Pakistan. Our religion is the greatest advocate of human rights. Our beloved Prophet also said that a white person has no superiority over a black person, nor an Arab over a foreigner. All are children of Adam and are equal. Zanaya Chaudhry, represented the transgender community at the event, explained their problems and about their rights, while a question and answer session was also held in the event, in which the speakers also answered the questions of the participants. At the end of the ceremony, Nadeem Ashraf presented commemorative shields to all the participants and expressed his determination to move forward for the protection of human rights in the future.

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