Reasons for youth stay aways from JAIL BHARO TEHREEK


A social media user highlighted a red flag for young people of country and listed number of reasons that youth should stay away from PTI jail bharo movement in order to save their future in Pakistan and abroad.

The user pointed out pro PTI people and said they should know that any kind of police incident report or past arrest can hinder and potentially ruin your plans to immigrate or study in a foreign country The user requested youth of the country not to ruin their future over a political stunt.

It has been highlighted that if FIRs will be registered with relievent sections of the Constitution, then they will face ample amount of difficulty in opening a bank account opening and for issuance of visa and future immigration along with difficulty in getting university admission as well as employment.Also, all kinds of public services jobs do required a character certificate and getting enrolled in jail bharo movement would surely diminished such chances.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan said PTI launched Jail Bharo campaign for Haqeeqi Azadi for two main reasons. “One, it is a peaceful, non-violent protest against the attack on our constitutionally-guaranteed fundamental rights.We are facing sham FIRs and NAB cases, custodial torture, attacks on journalists and social and media people.”

Imran claimed secondly, it is against the economic meltdown brought on by cabal of crooks who have money laundered billions in looted wealth and gotten NROs for themselves while crushing the people, esp the poor and middle class, under the burden of spiralling inflation and rising unemployment.

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