Ramadan 2024: How much is fidya for skipping one ‘roza’ in Pakistan?


KARACHI – Muslims across the world, including, Pakistan are noticing Ramadan 2024 with strict love as fasting during this sacred month is a commitment on every capable Muslim.

In any case, there is unwinding in Islam for the people who can’t quick or miss it during the hallowed Islamic month because of wellbeing and different issues.

Islam has a remuneration framework under which an individual who misses a quick requirements to pay a specific sum “Fidya” to a meriting individual.

How much is the Fidya installment in Pakistan 2024?
Like consistently, eminent strict researcher Mufti Muneebur Rehman has declared the base Fidya sum for a quick during the current year. He declared that Fidya for a roza (quick) has been fixed at Rs300 this year.

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