Raid on Khetran’s house, killing of Barkhan sparked outrage


QUETTA – Law enforcers in the country’s southwestern region raided the residence of Provincial Minister for Communication and Works Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran after members of the Marri tribe were found killed.

The three bodies of a woman and two men were removed from the well in the Barkhan district on Tuesday and brought to the provincial capital Quetta.

The tragic incident prompted action from provincial authorities as tribe members demanded a high-level probe against MPA Khetran of the murders, and alleged that five more members of their family are imprisoned in his private jail.

Meanwhile, no hostages were found at the location in a recent raid. As the incident made headlines, a joint investigation team was formed to submit a report.

Amid the serious accusations, Khetran distanced himself from the heinous killing and called it a conspiracy of his rivals. He accused his son to hatch a conspiracy against him to take over the family politics.

Amid the condemnation, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan strongly denounced the tragic incident, calling it horrifying. Social media users also shared thousands of tweets with #JusticeForMarriFamily still appearing in the trending section.

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