Qeemat Punjab App achieves 99% success rate as 87,477 out of 88,556 Complaints Resolved


Qeemat Punjab App, developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) on directions of the Government of Punjab, have so far received 88,556 complaints, of which 87,477 complaints have been redressed.Qeemat Punjab App has provided valuable relief to the citizens in purchasing food items as the prices of essential commodities like meat, vegetables, pulses etc., can be verified through the App.

The App was designed to allow users to check government notified prices of fruits, vegetables, and other daily use items. In case a shopkeeper is charging more than the price described on the app or set by the market, the users can file a complaint against that shopkeeper.

Furthermore, important news and notifications issued by the Government of Punjab can also be viewed in the App. The App is available in both English and Urdu languages as well as the prices of commodities can be inquired through voice for the convenience of its users.

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