Punjab Minister for Food Husnain Dreeshak inaugurats Thai Food Festival in Lahore


Provincial Minister for Food and Energy, Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Dreeshak, said that there is no doubt that Thailand is famous all over the world for its unique cuisine and innovative food dishes.The vision of the Food Department of Punjab is to ensure provision of healthy food to its citizens. These views were expressed by the provincial minister on the occasion of participating in the opening ceremony of the two-day Thai food festival yesterday. The festival was organized on the completion of 70 years of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Thailand. The festival also featured stalls selling Thai food, Thai umbrellas, and various Thai products. The provincial food minister said that Thai food is a wonder in itself and it is hoped that along with enjoying the food at the festival, they will also be able to see wonderful performances related to Thai culture. He further said that due to the interest of children and women in such events, they get to learn a lot. Ambassador of Thailand His Excellency Chakrid Karachaiwong, former provincial finance minister and chairman Skandia Zia Rizvi, Yusuf Rizvi were also present on the occasion.

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