PTI govr mission is to establish a peaceful society: Robinson Aziz Francis


International Peace Conference was held in Kartarpur on Saturday, in which various religious leaders belonging to different sects including Robinson Aziz Francis, Archbishop Sibastian Shaw, Maulana Asim Makhdoom, Allama Hassan Hamdani and Dr. Majeed Abel participated in large numbers. A high-level delegation of interfaith leaders arrived in Kartarpur from Lahore to participate in the conference. Speaking at the conference, Archbishop Sibastian Francis Shaw, chairman of the National Commission for Interfaith Dialogue, said that it was encouraging that religious tolerance had been promoted in Pakistan while all of us have to use our abilities to establish peace. Robinson Aziz Francis said that the mission of the Tehreek-e-Insaf government was to establish a peaceful society and it is hoped that when came back into power will further promote peace in the country. He further said that we all have to taken steps to promote mutual inter-faith and tolerance in the society. Chairman Kul Masalik Ulema Board Maulana Muhammad Asim Makhdoom said in his address that joint measures with the government have been ensured for religious harmony in Punjab, it is hoped that the journey of peace and love will continue successfully with the Punjab government in the future as well. Executive Secretary Presbyterian Church of Pakistan Moderator Dr. Majeed Abel said that Interfaith tolerance is the need of the hour while interfaith dialogue can eliminate misunderstandings between religions. Other religious leaders also gave short speeches and emphasized on holding such conferences while at the end of the conference, special prayers were offered for the integrity and prosperity of Pakistan.

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