PPP threatens to quit coalition govt if promises not fulfilled


KARACHI – Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, a key coalition partner of PML-N, has warned of quitting the coalition government if centre failed to honour the pledges.

Speaking at a ceremony organized to distribute funds among the flood victims in the provincial capital, the PPP chairman demanded the promises made to the flood-affected people be fulfilled at the earliest.Minister raised questions at the digital census exercise, calling it unacceptable. He lamented that elections in the region take place based on a different census. Bilawal said if the census is to be conducted in the same deceitful way, it is not acceptable to his party. Sindh would oppose the ongoing census if the federal government did not address the objections.Bhutto said it was decided that centre would release a Rs4.7 billion grant and the remaining Rs8.39 billion would be provided by the Sindh government to provide relief to the flood-hit farmers but those funds were never released.

He mentioned taking up this issue in the National Assembly and added to speak to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to fulfil the promises made to the flood victims.In his address, the PPP leader termed inflation the biggest problem in Pakistan. At the same time, he raised questions about the deteriorating law and order situation but pinned hope on reforms to resolve these issues.He said Pakistan Peoples Party is endeavouring for economic revival and employment to the masses. Pakistan was an agricultural country, Bilawal said, calling for more investment in this sector.He also called out former premier Imran Khan for his politics of division. He refrained from naming the PTI chief but mentioned a ‘political rat is hiding under the bed at Zaman Park’. He added that the government needs to focus on the economy instead of the political rat.

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