PM orders stern action against profiteers ahead of Ramadan


Days before the holy month of Ramadan begins in Pakistan, Prime Minister Shehbaz Monday directed the concerned authorities to take stern action against the hoarders and profiteers.

The holy month of Ramadan — the ninth Islamic month during which Muslims observe fasting and prayer with an emphasis on good deeds — in the country will likely begin either from March 23 or 24.

The prices of essential commodities have recently sky-rocketed after the authorities increased the rate of petrol to a historic high in a bid to appease the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for unlocking the critical loan tranche.

The price of petrol has been moved up to Rs272 per litre after an increase of Rs22.20, while a host of new taxes have also been introduced earlier this month. 

PM Shehbaz issued the directives while chairing an important meeting regarding ensuring the availability of basic food items and stability in their prices during the holy month.

The prime minister directed the concerned authorities that cleaning operations in markets should be initiated before Ramadan.

He, on the occasion, said that action would also be taken against the concerned officers if they failed to provide the items of daily use in their areas.

The prime minister said the supply of quality items should be ensured at utility stores across the country.

He also ordered to set up of “Sastay Ramadan Bazaars” across the country, adding that modern technology should be used to control the prices in the bazaars.

During the meeting, the prime minister was told that there is no shortage of food items including wheat anywhere in the country.

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