People burdened by worst inflation by federal govt: Yasmin


Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid arrived in protest against inflation at Data Darbar. On this occasion, Abdul Ghafoor Pappu, Javed Karam Toni, Rana Naseem, Shahzad Nambardar, Ali Aamir, Sidique Khan and hundreds of workers were present. PTI workers made a unique protest against imported government. PTI workers’ slogans of Federal Government of Murdabad. The workers welcomed the provincial health minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid in protest by throwing flower petals. Provincial Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid in her address to the workers said that the people of Pakistan have been burdened by the worst inflation due to the incompetence of the federal government. Farmers have staged dharna in Islamabad for the last three days. The imported government does not even realize the pain and suffering of the people. Imran Khan’s stance on the imported government is absolutely right. The only purpose of the imported government to come to power was to bring these people to power. All the people who have made Pakistan hollow through corruption are getting NRO today. Maryam Nawaz has always lied to the nation about the assets. Tell the people where this money came from. All these together have come back to return to Pakistan. Who will save Pakistan? Imran Khan Imran Khan Imran Tere Jaan Nisar, beshumar beshumar. May Allah comfort you Rana Sana ullah brought new tear gas and come before us. God willing, you take your guard with you and we go away. The people of Pakistan are losing due to imported government coming to power. How long will you oppress the people of Pakistan, the people of Pakistan have woken up. The people of Pakistan have come to know that you are all thieves. Maryam’s father is a thief, whole family is a total thief. Maryam’s uncle is a thief in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan know that you are a thief and you have robbed Pakistan. The imported government cannot make the people of Pakistan more stupid. Greetings to the workers of Dataganj Bakhsh Town. We are all standing with Imran Khan like a leaden wall. Maryam Bibi is asking to end Sehat sahulat card. Till now more than 22 lacs and 71 thousand people have got free treatment facility through Sehat sahulat card in Punjab. People are with Imran Khan. Imran Khan is a true Muslim. We are not slaves to anyone. Imran Khan does not bow down to anyone except God.

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