Pakistani mother of 55 children


A mother is a walking miracle, and no one justifies this better than this Pakistani woman — a biological mother of four herself — who adopted 55 children and looks after them with utmost duty and affection.

The miracle mother detailed how she has taken in children from different backgrounds into a life full of light and a promising future.Fathered by a Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Motorway, Mehboob Aslam Lila, the children feel confident while walking to school knowing that they are coming from “their own home”. The philanthropist-cum-bureaucrat established Almarah Foundation for the children to reside in and lead a happy life.The mother, Sofia, revealed that she is the only daughter of her parents who taught her nothing but to help others. Keeping her parents’ advice in mind, Sofia adopted many children who would be forced into labour, begging or abandoned by their biological parents.”Adnan is the youngest,” she added. “His mother used to work at my sister-in-law’s house but she died of cancer and the children were left unattended while their father would go out to work.”When I went to their home, a small house of only one room, the children were barely wearing any clothes and were hungry so I decided to take them in,” she said.    “I picked Adnan up and never let him go,” an emotional Sofia said.

“Adnan was the first drop of the rain,” interviewer Yasir Shami exclaimed, “after him, the couple adopted 54 other children.”The children live in three one-kanal rented houses in the Cavillary Ground area in Lahore. Daniyal is “mama’s favourite baby,” she exclaimed. Sofia further shared stories of other children who went through turmoil but were saved by angels in the form of humans as Sofia and Mehboob.

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