Pak Movie nominated for Cannes World Film Festival 2023


Two Pakistani films – Noor by Umer Adil, and Pehchaan by Mohammad Ahsan – have been nominated for the January 2023 edition of the Cannes World Film Festival, further solidifying Pakistan’s position in the global film industry.

The festival recently announced the list of nominees on its official Instagram handle, congratulating all the nominees and promising to reveal the winners soon. Additionally, the statement mentioned that some categories have direct winners who were not among the current nominees, and will be announced alongside the rest of the winners.

Pehchaan, one of the two Pakistani films nominated for the January 2023 Cannes World Film Festival, has been shortlisted for the Best Human Rights Film Award.Although details about the movie are mostly kept under wraps, the festival has also nominated other films, including Suga Rush by Valentino Flimon, Sooner or Later by Karim Mohammad Amini, My Gift by Johannes Arro, The Happy Statue by Tony Pham, Home by Shari Coleman, and Kindred by Jad Chatila.

According to Adil’s Instagram post, his film Noor has been nominated for the Best Health Film Award at Cannes World Film Festival. Adil describes Noor as a “heartfelt narrative” that sheds light on the struggles faced by many due to cultural myths and taboos, especially children who silently suffer the most. The film, which features Sarwat Gilani, Omair Rana, Tanisha Shameem, Mizna Waqas, and Tasneem Ansari in significant roles, has been written by Farah Usman.

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