Online Harassment of Pakistani Women on the Rise


According to a report by Digital Rights Foundation, a non-governmental organization active in digital rights, the foundation’s helpline against harassment in cyberspace has received more than 65 percent of such complaints compared to last year.
Most of these cases were related to blackmail and extortion, which accounted for 33 percent of the total cases. In most of these cases, an attempt was made to intimidate or fulfill a demand by using the individual’s personal information, images, or psychological manipulation.
While 23 percent of the complaints were related to hacking, in which personal information such as photos was used through people’s social media accounts. Also, at the provincial level, 57 percent of the complaints came from Punjab, the country’s largest province, and 11 percent from Sindh, 4.4 percent from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the federal capital Islamabad.
According to another organization, the majority of those filing complaints about cybercrime are women, accounting for 66 percent of the total cases. Most of them are harassed by Facebook and WhatsApp.

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