Nomination papers for next month’ Punjab Assembly elections are being collected from and filed with the concerned Returning Officers


Lahore-As per the released ECP schedule, the scrutiny process of nomination papers will continue till 22nd. The appeals can be filed against the rejection or acceptance of nominations papers till 27th.

The Appellate Tribunal will decide the appeals till 3rd of next month. The revised list of candidates will be published on 4th. Candidates may withdraw their papers on 5th while a revised list of candidates will be published on the same day. Election symbols will be allotted to the contesting candidates on 6th while polling will be held on 30th of next month.

Meanwhile, Provincial Election Commissioner Punjab, Saeed Gull has said that the Caretaker Punjab Government had assured sufficient security arrangements for the Returning Officers, however that commitment has not been fulfilled. He said that if an insufficient security issue continues, a letter will be dispatched to the Election Commission of Pakistan to convey that holding elections in these circumstances is not possible. He asked the Punjab Government to ensure provision of security to Returning Officers.

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