Long queues at filling stations as pumps run dry amid ‘petrol shortage’ in Pakistan


LAHORE – Extended queues of two-wheelers and cars were spotted at petrol pumps in several Pakistani cities in the wake of ‘limited supplies by oil marketing companies’.

Distressed people from cities including Sialkot, Bahawalpur, Multan and Muzafargarh complained of fuel shortage while others shared the ordeal to wait for an hour to get fuel petrol.

As the media catches the air of petrol shortage, panicked citizens rushed to petrol pumps on Saturday.

Several reports hint at panic buying at petrol stations as several pumps had already stopped sales owing to the limited availability of stocks.

Masses seem worried about the development as the cash-strapped country is already facing a severe economic crisis amid the historic devaluation of the rupee against the greenback.

On the other hand, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority OGRA trashed speculations about the shortage of fuel in the country. In a statement, the OGRA spokesperson claimed to have sufficient stocks of petrol and diesel across Pakistan.

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