Kuccha Operation: Bandits abducted 4 more citizens


Rajanpur, Rojhan: The operation continued on the 28th day. On the other hand, the incidents of undercover dacoits started increasing in Rojhan.

According to the sources, the police had seized many women, children, cattle of the Pat Imrani gang during the operation. To return the women and children, the Imrani gang kidnapped 4 people from the non-Muslim Hindu community from Bangla Ucha Mianwali.

The robbers released the video with the hostages on social media, the release of the hostages was subject to demands, 2 to 4 non-Muslims were abducted at gunpoint from Mianwali of Bangla Acha.

Among the abductees are Nirmil, Jeevan, Chandra and Sham, all four belong to the minority Hindu community. After the kidnapping, Pat Imrani gang released a video with the hostages on social media.

The abductors have tied their hands and appealed to the police for help to recover them. The bandits have also threatened to commit more incidents in the area and kidnap citizens for not complying with their demands. A few days ago, the police cleared the area and destroyed their ambush sites while operating against Atta Allah Pat in Chak Imrani. Meanwhile, police officer Muhammad Qasim was martyred in the exchange of fire.

According to the police spokesperson, a wave of happiness spread among the citizens after the law and order situation was restored in Kutch. The citizens showered floral petals on the convoy of RPO Sajjad Hasan Khan and DPO Mehr Nasir Syal and paid tribute to the police for the successful operation in the city of Reshpa Kutch.

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