Karachi’s population: Record increase of more than One lakh in a Day


Karachi: During the digital census, the population of Karachi increased by more than 1 lakh in 1 day.

According to the Director of Sindh Statistical Institute Manwar Ghangroo, the population of the city so far has exceeded 1 crore 8 million people, yesterday the population was recorded at 1 crore 79 lakh 65 thousand. Where the population reached 34 lakh 42 thousand 48 people. District South is the smallest district in terms of population, where the population consists of 18 lakh 24 thousand 67 people. The population of Malir district is 22 lakh 17 thousand 37.

Korangi district population 29 lakh 28 thousand 856, Kemari district population 21 lakh 80 thousand 243, East district population 31 lakh 71 thousand 284 and West district population reached 22 lakh 75 thousand 966.

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