Karachi: Order to maintain ban on Gutka and Mainpuri


Karachi: Sindh High Court has ordered to maintain the ban on Gutka in Sindh, the court has issued a written decision, it has issued a written decision containing 2 pages.

The report submitted by IG Sindh to the court, has been amended in the law related to the ban on Gutka Main Puri and has been sent to the Sindh Home Department. The Sindh Interior Department will review the amendments and send them to the Law Department.

The court issued notices to the parties including the interior secretary. The report on the amendment of the law related to the ban on Gutka, Mainpuri on priority basis was submitted to the court by the Member Inspection Sindh.

Regarding the ban on Gutka MaInpuri, only DIG Hyderabad is implementing it. In other districts of the province, the implementation related to the ban on Gutka Main Puri is not being implemented, IG Sindh ordered the DIGs of other divisions to ensure the implementation of the ban on Gutke, Main Puri.

Banish items like Gutka main puri should be eradicated from our society, Gutka, main puri is running in the veins of our young generation.

The court upheld the ban on Gutka in Sindh. The court has ordered to continue the action against the sellers of gutka, the hearing of the case has been adjourned till May 18.

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