Karachi is in serious threats due to climate change


Karachi: Karachi is a coastal city and experts say that if no measures are taken to prevent climate change, this city may sink by 2060.

An internationally acclaimed architectural designer from Karachi who has won the Young Climate Visionary Award in the US, she is an expert in urban mapping and planning and has also mapped Karachi taking into account climate change. Playing a role in planning to deal with heat waves and pollution.

He said that it is said that climate change is coming in Pakistan and Karachi, which is wrong, climate change is not coming, but it has come. Flooding has become the norm, what is most dangerous is that if climate change continues like this, Karachi may be submerged by 2060.

He said that Karachi, which is already below the sea level, the sea level is increasing, but with urban flooding, the land of Karachi is also becoming waterlogged.

He said that this situation is alarming, if we do not pay attention, there will be more rapid destruction, the speed with which we destroyed our mangrove forests, if a tsunami comes, it can be a big disaster.

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