Interfaith Peace Conference at Madrasah Arabiya Taleem ul Al Quran


Under the Kul Masalik Ulema Board, an inter-faith peace conference was held at Madrasa Arabiya Taleem ul Al-Qur’an Jamia Masjid Kubra in Lahore, in which Hindu and Christian communities including scholars of all schools of thought and Mushayikh participated. While speaking, the member of the Islamic Ideological Council, Pir Syed Habib Irfani, said that the Zaat of Maula Ali (peace be upon him) is a metaphor. Chairman of the Kul Masalik Ulema Board Maulana Muhammad Asim Makhdoom said that our mission is to rid the country of sectarianism. We will not sit in peace until the end of terrorism. Moinuddin Mehboob Koreja, highlighting the unity of Muslims, said that today’s program is a unique program of its kind, no one can compete with Ahl al-Bayt. Former Special Assistant Chief Minister Punjab on Human Rights Robinson Aziz Francis said that inter-faith harmony can be promoted by organizing such a peace conference, while the participation of leaders associated with all schools of thought in the same conference proves that we are all one while the goal of all of us is the establishment of peace. Robinson Aziz Francis added that we stand with our Muslim brothers in every sufferings. All the speakers strongly condemned suicide bombing in mosque of Peshawar and also Fatiha was recited for the martyrs. Allama Hafiz Kazim Raza Naqvi, Dr. Pir Syed Habib Irfani, Mufti Ashiq Hussain, Allama Imtiaz Abbas Kazmi, Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Rashid, Allama Hasan Raza Hamdani, Hindu leader Bhagat Lal, Sajid Christopher, Pir Nav Bahar Shah, Chaudhry Sagheer Abbas Wark and Shafqat Baloch among others participated were also present in the conference.

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