Imran was ordered to appear in court on March 13


Imran Khan’s arrest in Tosha Khana case postponed till March 13, Islamabad High Court quashed the arrest warrant of Imran Khan.

The Islamabad High Court quashed the arrest warrant of chairman PTI Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana case and ordered him to appear before the sessions court on March 13.The Islamabad High Court has given its verdict on Imran Khan’s plea to quash the arrest warrant in the Tosha Khana case.

Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Amir Farooq reserved the decision at 3 p.m.Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Aamir Farooq heard Imran Khan’s plea to quash the arrest warrant in the Tosha Khana case against Imran Khan.During the hearing, Imran Khan’s lawyer Qaiser Imam claimed that there are high chances that Imran Khan may be attacked during his court appearance.

Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha said that Imran Khan should be arrested by the police, the police will bring him to the court under security, he can be brought in an armored vehicle.Advocate Qaiser Imam said the trial court granted Imran Khan’s plea of ​​immunity from attendance twice, without bail being issued for his non-appearance in the courtroom.During the hearing, Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Amir Farooq pointed out that the warrant was not for arrest? These orders are to present the accused in the court, Imran Khan would have appeared before the court.He said you tell me what else the court would call the accused. In law this is the only way to ensure the presence of the accused, the law should be allowed to take its course.

Lawyer Qaiser Imam said that our demand is that the arrest warrant of Imran Khan should be cancelled, where the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court said that what will happen if the order is cancelled? The court directs you to conduct the trial in the case, I will not issue any order that is out of the ordinary.He said that Imran Khan must appear in person for the charge, he must appear here on the 9th, he should also appear there.Imran Khan’s lawyer Qaiser Imam said that Imran Khan is facing serious security threats.

Chief Justice Amir Farooq said that on merit you will not find anything in this application, tell me what date Imran Khan will appear, we are getting security threat letters daily, so why stop the work?Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court said IG came to me and said all judges have security threats, how can I take security by putting public at risk? You also create threats for yourself.He said that what happened in the Supreme Court last week should also be seen, it was a crowd, who knew who came with what intention.Chief Justice Aamir Farooq said when you bring 2000 people it will go bad, remember the incident of Benazir Bhutto, what happened there.Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court while talking to the lawyer said to consult Imran Khan, do you give an assurance that you want to appear in the court?

He further said that according to the district court, Imran Khan has not appeared even today despite the summons, be fair to the system, don’t make fun of the system, or I will stop the trial by giving you a date of 2 months?A break of 30 minutes was taken during the hearing, after which Qaiser Imam while arguing during the hearing said that Imran Khan has been consulted, he is ready to appear for four weeks, give him four weeks time to appear.Chief Justice Amir Farooq said, “Is my statement of 2 months correct, should I give a 2 month date to everyone who comes to the court?” I cannot issue such a decision definitively.Attorney General Islamabad said that Imran Khan does not want to face trial.

Imran Khan’s lawyer said that Imran Khan has asked the court to make security arrangements for himself.Islamabad High Court said that Imran Khan should not worry about us, the trial court will see the security arrangements, we are not worried about ourselves, death must come on the day it is meant to come.

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