HR Conference helds in Human Rights Department


Political Assistant for Human Rights Punjab Robinson Aziz Francis said that the new year is being named as Human Rights so that this year the awareness of rights among the people should be strongly emphasized while the efforts of all stakeholders will be required for this journey of peace. New year is a message of new hopes and the role of different scholars in spreading this message was commendable. These views were expressed by Robinson Aziz Francis while addressing the Human Rights Conference in the Department of Human Rights on Wednesday. Robinson Aziz said that the human rights policy is implemented after every three years from the platform of the department to ensure the protection of the rights of every person living in the society. Assistant Director for Human Rights Mian Umar Hayat said that today’s conference aims to include valuable input from all stakeholders for the new human rights policy to include more points in the protection of human rights. Chairman Kul Masalik Board Maulana Asim Makhdoom said that we all have to promote peace and tolerance, whereas last year the rights of patients and ambulances were emphasized, but this year we want to give a Friday sermon on the protection of human rights in all Mosques every month, while in churches on Sundays, Tuesdays in temples and Mondays in Gurdwaras should be reserved so that the journey of mutual peace can be taken further. Along with them, banners etc should be placed in every religious place of worship on specific days to emphasize the rights of every individual. Dr. Majeed Abel said that without a doubt, the role of all stakeholders in the journey of peace is commendable and we all have to continue the journey of mutual love. In the ceremony, scholars from different religions and representatives of other religions also expressed their views and stressed on the protection of human rights and expressed hope that the human rights policy will prove to be a positive step towards peace. A cake was also cut in happiness of news year and prayers were also offered for the development and prosperity of the country of Pakistan. On this occasion Professor Syed Mehmood Ghaznavi, Allama Shakeel Rehman Nasir, Allama Akash Mohsin, Allama Qari Khalid Mahmood, Professor Adnan Faisal and others were also present on the occasion

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