Historical words of Sarwat Gilani


A decade ago in the Pakistani drama industry, female actors only had the option to portray a damsel in distress. Fast forward, the ladies are playing strong-headed females with their own personalities.
One of the many accomplished actors is Sarwat Gilani, who is known for breaking type-casting culture. She went for iron-willed female characters in Churails and Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam and broadened her horizons. While Gilani is careful about what she portrays, the 40-year-old is concerned about who she works with and how she separates art from the artist.
The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 diva, in an interview with JORE, discussed her journey from playing meek characters to strong protagonists. The Joyland star complained how misogyny and stereotypes affected the industry and the quality of work produced. Gilani also talked about how an actor’s personal matters impact their professional life.
When working on Churails, Gilani felt that the dynamics for women in the entertainment fraternity were changing. She said, “Even before Churails, I was always advocating for women’s rights on various platforms. I felt like, I would not be able to justify a character this weak and meek anymore because I’m encouraging women to raise their voice on one end, how can I be acting like a woman who cannot do anything for herself on the other. There is a huge contradiction there.”

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