Gold Price Crossed RS 200,000 Per Tola in Pakistan


The price of gold continues to test the patience of the buyers, as it crossed the barrier of Rs2,00,000 per tola in Pakistan’s jewelry market on Friday.
The price of gold witnessed a sharp price increase against the backdrop of an increase in the US dollar price.
The price of 24 karats fine gold has increased by Rs7,000 per tola to Rs2,02,500 per tola.
The price of 10-gram fine gold of 24 karats has also surged by Rs6,000 and with this increase, the price of it has reached Rs1,73,409.
While the 10 grams fine gold of 22 karats was traded in the market at the rate of Rs1,59,144.
The price of pure silver of 24 karats also increased by RS 50 per tola and traded at Rs2,200 per tola in the local market on Friday.
The price of 10 grams of silver of 24 karats has increased by Rs42.86 and was traded in the local market at Rs1886.14.
On the other hand, in the international market, the price of gold per ounce decreased by US$6 to reach US$1936.

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