FIFA, AFC delegation to visit Football House


The delegation of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will visit the Football House on Monday (16th of January).
The delegation comprises Rolf Tanner, Head of MA Governance (FIFA), Andrei Vashkevich, Regional Office Development Coordinator (FIFA) and Purushottam Kattel, Head of South Asia Unit (AFC).
The guests will meet FIFA-appointed PFF Normalization Committee (NC) Chairman Haroon Malik and NC members. The guests will be briefed on the situation of football in Pakistan, the ongoing activities at the national and international levels and administrative affairs.
Moreover, the inauguration ceremony of the mobile unit for registration of clubs under Pakistan Football Connect (PFC) will be held on Monday (16th of January). Under this mobile unit ‘PFF @Your Doorstep’ programme, the representatives of the federation will reach the doors of the clubs and academies to facilitate them in the completion of PFC programme.
The objective of this programme is to address the deprivation of those clubs and academies that could not register due to floods, adverse weather conditions and other issues.
The delegation will also be part of the launching ceremony of ‘PFF@Your Doorstep’. The official PFF tone will also be launched.

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