Provincial Minister Ibrahim Hasan Murad in his important statement about placer gold reserves said that during his tenure, took strict measures to prevent illegal mining of placer gold while ensuring extraordinary measures to protect placer gold.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad said that a number of FIRs were registered against illegal miners while for the first time in history the process of thefting of placer gold was stopped. Ibrahim Hasan Murad expressed hope that the auction of placer gold is expected to generate billions of rupees. While Placer gold deposits have been identified on 25 acres out of 75 acres.

He clarified that the total amount of gold reserves is 28 lakh tolas and the report of Geological Survey of Pakistan has been completed in this regard. Under which 09 blocks of placer gold have been identified and the block method was used to discover the deposits of placer gold.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad further said that 127 samples were examined by the Geological Survey of Pakistan. Along with gold, zinc, silver, nickel, magnesium, copper, etc. have been identified in the samples while more research is still going on on these minerals.

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