Exhibition of Chrysanthemums at Kinnaird College’


The Green Youth Movement (GYM) club of Kinnaird College for Women organized a week-long on-campus exhibition of chrysanthemums. Several flower pots were placed in various areas of the college providing a bright spectrum of flowers. The gardeners at Kinnaird College put in significant effort to get a diverse range colours of flowers that are not commonly found in nature.
Mr. Naveed, a gardener from the Botany Department said they developed these colours by mixing and maturing different kinds of seeds which involved a lot of time. The Head Gardener, Mr. Kashif, kept a close watch and regulated this activity all over the campus.
Ms. Shanila Bukhari, convener of the Kinnaird College GYM club along with other members: Dr. Amber, Ms. Mizna Toosay, Ms. Amna Waheeda, Ms. Sana Akhtar, and Ms. Shumaila Majeed oversaw everything.
Students were thrilled to see an array of these flowers. The vibrant display added to the beauty of the campus and drew the students outside to spend more time close to nature. The students appreciated this exhibition a lot and sat outside during their free time to take in the beauty of the chrysanthemums.

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