EPTB retrieved 3500 acres property amounting Rs23bln


EPTB Board has retrieved property of 3500 acres amounting 23 Billion while arrears in shape of rent of 65 crores have also been recovered.

This was disclosed by one man commission Dr Shoaib Suddle In a press conference held at headquarters of EPTB here on Tuesday. Dr Shoaib Suddle told that a forensic audit of the Trust Board was conducted in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court and in the light of the observations of the audit, a plan of action was devised along with the EPTB and FIA. He further said that the chairman board has taken steps like implementing modern systems like online billing system, complaints, geo-tagging and e-office in the board which were important for increasing the revenue of the department. Chairman of ETPB Habib-ur-Rehman Gilani on this occasion told media representatives that the department has retrievedvaluable trust land/property worth billions of rupees with the help of FIA, which is a milestone in the department’ s history. In response to a question, he said that according to the instructions of the One-Man Commission, various review meetings were held with the Trust Board along with the FIA, in which the plan of action was formally implemented. Functional Gurudwaras and temples have been renovated and security arrangements have been enhanced, complete facilities were provided to pilgrims from India to Pakistan. Contracts also were also signed with private companies jazz and HBL for online billing system. paperless environment has taken place in the department. Strict action was taken against illegal occupiers and board defaulters as per the law, which yielded positive results. The Chairman Board gave a complete briefing to the Commission about the recent performance of the Trust Board. On this occasion of the press conference, Secretary Board Nasir Akram, Secretary Human Rights Masood Mukhtar, Assistant Director Mian Umar Hayat, Controller Accounts Adeel Ahmed, Speaker Board Amir Hussain Hashmi and other officers were also present.

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