Diwali and birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji celebrates by Samaj Sewa Foundation Representatives


In order to express solidarity with the Hindu community, Cosmopolitan Club of Lahore celebrated Diwali and Guru Nanak Dev’s 553rd birth anniversary with the joint collaboration of Samaj Sewah Foundation, Peace and Justice Network and Allahwale Trust at Jinnah Bagh, Lahore. Representatives of HR&MA department, youth of different faiths, religious figures of various religions and representatives of welfare organizations attended the ceremony. Miss Anika Karan, Joint Secretary of Samaj Seva Foundation welcomed all the guests. Deputy Director of Human Rights Muhammad Yusuf while addressing the ceremony said that the participation of youth belonging to all religions in such an event undoubtedly promotes the culture of interfaith while the platform of the Human Rights Department support the followers of different religions to celebrate their religious days with full zeal and enthusiasm. He further said that such events will ensure the promotion of peace and tolerance, for the formation of a peaceful society. Peter Jacob, the executive director of Center for Social Justice, while appreciating the strong involvement of the youth, emphasized the importance of the youth for the best future of the country. Lecturer of Sanatan Dharam, Minhaj-ul-Quran International University Sabir Naz Sarwa Bhuma conducted a special pratna and highlighted the importance of Diwali and said that the purpose of celebrate Diwali was to acknowledge the victory of good over evil. Member of Board of Directors of Auqaf Department and Director of Interfaith Relations of Minhaj Al-Quran International Sohail Ahmed Raza while emphasizing on religious harmony said that we all have to fight against extremist thinking, need to play our role in establishing a peaceful society. At the end of the company , Samaj Seva Foundation Chairman, Lala Chaman Lal vowed to continue organizing such events in the future as well to continue its efforts to bring people from marginalized communities into the national mainstream through the platform of Samaj Seva. the birthday cake of Baba Guru Nanak Devji was also cut along with the lighting of the lamp.

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