Delegation of PFA calls on Punjab Minister for Food and Energy


Provincial Minister for Food and Energy, Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Dreeshak said that the purpose of establishment of Punjab Food Authority was to ensure the supply of quality food to the people and it is hoped that the involvement of experienced people will improve its performance.

These views were expressed by the provincial minister during a meeting with the officers joining the Punjab Food Authority at the camp office on Monday.

Former Chairman PCSIR Dr. Shahzad Alam, Dr. Ayesha Sameen and legal expert Anusha Shaigan were present on this occasion. Expressing good wishes for the future of the newly joined officers, the provincial minister emphasized on increasing the efficiency of the Punjab Food Authority and setting up an effective strategy for solving food related problems. The Provincial Minister also said that the aim of the Food Authority should not be to emphasize raids, but to emphasize the reformation of the people to ensure the availability of quality food to the people. The newly elected officers assured the Provincial Minister that they will perform well to the good name of Punjab Food Authority with their valuable experience and will also perform their duties with complete honesty and dedication.

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