December gives message of the joy:Political Assistant for Human Rights Robinson Aziz Francis


Political Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab for Human Rights Robinson Aziz Francis said that objective of the celebrations was to show sustainability and a message of peace and love to Christian community while joints celebration were way to promote Harmony and equal citizenship in connection in communities.These views were expressed by Robinson Aziz Francis on the occasion of participating in an event organized in connection with Christmas. the event was organized by the Department of Human Rights in collaboration with the welfare organization Bargad in Green Town area of ​​Lahore. Robinson Aziz said that Celebrating common joys fosters interfaith and mutual acceptance among the Christian community. Speaking at the event, Chief Executive of Bargad Sabiha Shaheen said that every year can be seen best results to celebrate such events. Promoting of equal citizenship rights was recognized for your internationaly as a significant factors for sustainable development. Director of Human Rights Muhammad Yusuf said that through the platform of the Human Rights Department, the sense of deprivation among religious minorities is being eliminated while the Christmas cake being cutting throughout December to promote peace and love among religious minorities He further said that the best example of protecting the rights of religious minorities found in our beloved religion from day one, while every possible effort is being made to implement it from the platform of the department. officials of the Human Rights Department, representatives of Bargad and the Christian community were present on this occasion.

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