Collective efforts to be made against unemployment and other challenges: President Alvi


ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi stressed the need for collective efforts to tackle challenges such as unemployment, rising levels of tension in society, improving access to opportunities for special people and increasing women’s participation in business and employment. Is.

In a meeting with a delegation of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in Karachi, President Alvi stressed the importance of voluntary services and active involvement of chambers, banking sector and civil society to overcome socio-economic challenges in the country. gave

On Tuesday, President Alvi stressed that the business community should play a role in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by advancing social sectors and helping the needy. He highlighted that collaboration between the public and private sectors can bring positive change in people’s lives, especially in the area of social initiatives.

President Alvi emphasized on the creation of an inclusive society where women’s participation in socio-economic activities can be actively promoted. He urged the members of Karachi Chamber to support and encourage women to become future entrepreneurs, to develop their confidence and empower them.

Moreover, President Alvi emphasized the importance of human development and advised the business community to create more employment opportunities for women and special people. Regarding the performance of the banking sector, he praised its achievements in the last three years. He urged the Chambers to develop a fast-track mechanism to ensure employment of 20 to 25 percent women within the industry. He lauded some banks in the country for providing remarkable employment to 30 percent women. Arif Alvi, citing abundant natural and human resources, said he was optimistic about Pakistan’s potential. He emphasized the need to provide quality education and skills to harness the competitiveness of industrial and business sectors. He urged the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry to take measures like construction of ramps to facilitate the access of special persons to hospitals, shopping plazas and industries.

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