CEO LWMC Ali Anan Qamar inaugurates anti-littering squad


CEO LWMC Ali Anan Q CEO LWMC Ali Anan Qamar inaugurated the anti-littering squad to further improve the beauty of the provincial capital of Punjab Lahore, to achieve the goal of unprecedented cleanliness.

CEO LWMC Ali Anan Qamar, while informing about the workings of the anti-littering squad, said that GPO Chowk, Naqi Market, Dulha Market, Panorama Centre, and the Electronics Market are being made litter-free.In the first phase, the anti-littering squad will work on Mall Road and Canal Road.

The anti-littering squad will collect shoppers, wrappers from the green belts and roadside. The anti-littering squad will collect the garbage picked up from the roadside in separate bins. The anti-littering squad aims to spread awareness among people about littering. Those who throw garbage, wrappers on the road will also be fined with the help of Safe City cameras.

Moreover, a three-bin system has been installed at 39 points in the city. A three-bin system has also been installed at Liberty Market, Barkat Market, Main Market, G One Market, Samanabad Moon Market, Karim Block Market, Shalimar Link Road, and GT Road. Tri-color bins were also installed at Chaburji Chowk, Darughewala Chowk, and Shouk Chowk. Garbage segregation will help with recycling.

CEO LWMC Ali Anan Qamar has also requested that the citizens play their full role in keeping the city clean. Always put the garbage in the dustbin. Contact the LWMC helpline at 1139 or use social media.

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