Bilawal Bhutto ‘caught smoking’ in Switzerland


Pakistanis have long been captivated by scandals or viral moments embroiling politicians and other influential people in society, who are caught in the act at times.
The list of politicians of the South Asian nation grabbing headlines for the wrong reasons continues to grow, with the country’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto becoming the latest face who recently went viral on social media.
The Bhutto scion, who visited the resort city of Davos to attend the World Economic Forum’s summit, was recently caught on a tape while taking a puff.
A zoomed-up clip which was apparently shot from a hand-held device from inside a building started doing rounds on the internet showing the PPP leader, holding a cigarette and taking a puff, while his bodyguards were spotted taking their positions.

The clip soon went viral on the microblogging platform with many social media users expressing surprise at the rare sight of the famous political leader engaging in such a selfish habit.
As Bilawal has yet to respond to the clip, social media users are chattering on the topic with their different takes. 

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