Arrest warrant issued for Indian actress Zareen Khan


Kolkata: Bollywood actress Zareen Khan is in trouble. Kolkata court issued arrest warrant.

According to Indian media, the Kolkata court issued an arrest warrant for Zareen Khan in the 2018 fraud case.

Zareen Khan is accused of not performing despite being paid to perform in a show.

According to reports, the Kolkata court summoned Zareen Khan several times in connection with the case, but she did not appear, after which her arrest warrant was issued.

Zareen Khan expressed ignorance about the arrest warrant and said that he has no knowledge about it. His legal team will review the matter and react after that. Muslims belong to any sector in India. Modi has been a victim of blame during the regime, now it is just a coincidence or something and only Indian experts can tell better about it, but according to what is seen, this analysis or opinion is considered to be correct to some extent.

Mishi Khan termed dramas as cause of corruption in the society !

Lahore: Well-known host Vadakara Mishi Khan criticized Pakistani dramas and termed them as the cause of corruption in the society. The actress said that “Relationships like sister and brother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law were considered beautiful relationships in our homes, which have been spoiled by dramas. The actress said that ‘if you ask the writers of these dramas, they will reply that This is happening in your society but who will tell them that in the whole neighborhood these things are happening only in one house and not in others. It is a mafia that is making such dramas by showing them such content. Funds are received from behind to corrupt the society.

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