World Class Music Eduation Organised under Zindagi Trust


Pakistani music maestro Shehzad Roy recently captivated the world of social media with a groundbreaking education initiative under his Zindagi Trust. 

This initiative focuses on providing quality education to students from working-class families. A heartwarming video surfaced, featuring three young students immersed in a violin performance as part of the music programme at the Fatima Jinnah Government School. The video quickly went viral, leaving viewers inspired and touched.

In a powerful message accompanying the video, the ‘Laga Re’ singer clarified, “This isn’t an elite private school; it’s the Fatima Jinnah Government School adopted by @ZindagiTrust. Here, we also run a world-class music program in professionally designed studios. Young girls are mastering everything from Beethoven to Eastern classical music, and the best part? There’s no fee involved. We are driving change.”

The short yet impactful clip received appreciation from prominent figures like Sajal Aly, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and many other users.

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