Empower Her OAKS Festival: Uniting Generations, Igniting Change


The Old Partners of Kinnaird’s General public (OAKS) here a day or two ago (Walk 9) coordinated “Engage Her Celebration” at Kinnaird School for Ladies, Lahore. The celebration praised ladies’ strengthening and business venture, uniting ladies from different foundations to share their accounts, bits of knowledge, and encounters under the motivating umbrella of the UN Ladies’ Day subject: “Put resources into Ladies: Speed up Progress and Financial Development.” This topic reverberated profoundly with the mission of the Engage Her Celebration, stressing the significance of putting resources into ladies’ strengthening as an impetus for cultural headway and monetary flourishing.

Embracing the rich tradition of Kinnaird School, the OAKS Celebration gave a powerful stage to ladies to exhibit their gifts and enterprising endeavors. In excess of 50 OAKS business people, showed their different cluster of manifestations. From Bin Bazar to Trust Inspire, Scanner tag to Saniya Khan, the celebration hummed with pioneering energy. Participants were blessed to receive a plenty of contributions, including culinary enjoyments from Ricky’s Pizza, Flavia Blast frozen yogurt, Bowl Loaded with Solace and Maneka Ranches, among others.

The celebration’s champion element was a charming play named “The Huge LAHORI Wedding,” totally imagined, composed, coordinated, and performed by individuals from OAKS. This mocking show-stopper offered a funny yet savvy editorial on the excess of Lahore’s wedding society, inspiring giggling and invigorating significant conversations among the crowd.

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