Under the Shadow of Owls

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By: Zafar Sultan

Death of Huma,an imaginary bird of power and kingship, does not convince prudentpeople to start dwelling under the shadows of owls. Similarly, the absence of good leaders form earth does not prompt sensible people to start following the leaders with tainted financial, moral and ethical orientations. If Sheikh Saadi were alive, he would explicate it that such an analogydid not bear any relevance to the people of Pakistan.

After demise of Quaid -e -Azam,the leadership inflicted on people and the way people recognized that leadership is utterlya peculiar and baffling phenomenon. Probably, no nation in the world has ever accepted and acknowledgedthe kind of leadership which we have been chanting slogans for or occasionally dancing to its rhetoric.

Even the kingdom of insects and other earthly creatures follow certain prodigious leaders to hunt for their food,shelter,security of their offsprings and even defending their territoriesagainst the invaders.These leaders of the earthen creatures are blessed withphysical strength, bravery, farsightedness, vision, alertness and the innate quality to lead from the front and make sacrifices when and if needed.
Contrarily (rather shockingly), a cursory look at the available global leadership in Pakistan, highlights the grisly fact that people of Pakistan accepted the visionless, morally and ethically feeble people as their leaders. Masses themselves continue to live with gross injustice,abject poverty,perpetual humiliation,fear, slavery and ignobility. Still, they pride in shaking hands with their honchos or pleading them to provide minor amenities like drinking water, roads, pumps or clerical jobs to their children.

These front-runners, supported by criminals and criminal minds constitute political parties further backed and strengthened by land mafia, media men, bureaucracy;in certain cases certain elements of military establishment . Initially, they control the police station and patwaris (land record keepers) of their respective areas and use them to harness their opponents or exploit them to the political and financial advantage.In the process,they accumulate the unholy wealth,using various illicit channels suggested and supported by bureaucracy.
It is a harsh fact that such offenders, later welcome educated people including clergymen to further their safeties or suppress their opponents.Afterwards, these elements also milk out their due share in the form of land, unfair promotions or jobs for their off springs.
Since these political elites do not feel secure in this country,they use their agents from various professions to smuggle their black money out to Middle East and other safe havens. The curious case of model, Ayyan Ali (who was caught on charges of money laundering $506,000) for Mr. Asif Zardari can be taken as case point.  Later, she was acquitted and allowed to travel abroad.This is just one example of the prohibited smuggling, abetted by law enforcing agencies and judiciary.

To provide further safety to their wealth and property, these criminal parties mold laws and do not even hesitate to amend constitution to their gain. Recent law amendments NAB is a case in point, showcasing how the black money of all political elite,military and other business tycoons have been legalized.Predictably, these parties seek services of highly qualified lawyers who are always available to sell their expertise in exchange of plots, properties in Pakistan, Dubai or elsewhere.

It is no wonder that such people are always favorites and vulnerable targets of enemies of the state. The ministers and their cohorts also support these enemies to further their agendas and nefarious designs. Consequently, public and national interests keep on facing regular blows, thanks to these insider informants and conspirators.
A Turkish proverb screams: the fish rots from its head. The credit for all tribulations, our country is plagued with, certainly goes to democracy: by extension to topnotch leadership, not he common people and common employees in the government or private sector. The real cause of the issue lies with political and military elite, judiciary, bureaucracy and administration (which claim to be the cream of the society). Imagine if the cream is fraught with arrogance, self-centeredness, greed and blindness,then even staggering and stuttering existence of such a society can be construed as a miracle.
In the present scenarios, it seems as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is a shocking dearth of leadership in the country which can steer Pakistan through raging waters. The family parties, blessed and backed by civ-mil establishment, are occupied amassing wealth and property. People, by and large, do not seem to be in any decisive mood to throw out the fraudulent elite class and their handlers or at least challenge them.
History  stands a witness to the fact that the kind of leadership the people choose and stand with, the leadership acts and performs according to its innate attributes and training provided by its predecessors. When power, wealth and future of country is in the hands of such vile elite, then future is not hard to interpret. Dwelling under the shadow of owls, can anyone hope for Huma to tweet around and harbinger a fair future for us all?

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